"India on Film": A Film Collection by the BFI Goes Online

As one of the richest film industries in the world, the British Film Institute celebrates Indian filmmaking and its diversity -- from Bollywood to Tollywood with a digitized archive now available for viewing.

Fans of Rudyard Kipling and E.M. Foster will love the collection, as it explores the democratic country and economic powerhouse in vintage films -- from the antique primer "The Wonderful Fruit of the Tropics (1914)", to the tellsome "A Native Street in India (1906)", the moving portrait of a Punjabi farmer's trek from town to the big city, "An Eastern Market". A total of 90 films are currently available and with more to possibly be added.

Here's the trailer, or you can start the binge through this India on Film: 1899-1947 playlist (some videos may be region-locked and possibly only available in the UK).

Preview image was taken from the video.

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