A Look Into the Milanese Creative Scene with Luca Font and Lomo'Instant Square

A few months ago, we featured the amazing work of the Italian artist/tattooist Luca Font. This time, Luca used the Lomo'Instant Square for taking some instant portraits of his friends in Milan, taking us into a mini visual tour into the Milanese creative scene.

What do you like the most about instant photography and about the Lomo'Instant Square?

It's immediate without being a .jpg file! The Lomo’Instant Square is very intuitive and user-friendly: in order to obtain super sharp images, you just need a little bit of practice.
Whether in instant or 120 format, there is something deeply fascinating about square photography that I’ve never been able to explain!

Who did you choose to shoot and what do you think about the results?

I choose to shoot people who do interesting things. Taking a picture of them is, in some way, showing a small instant of what is happening in Milan in 2017.

So let's get to know them also a bit better and see what are they working on at the moment.

Nicolò Chenet, music label owner

Hi Nicolò! Could you please tell us something about you and your passions?

I am 27 years old and currently, I am working in the Communication and Marketing department for the fashion brand County of Milan. My biggest passion is electronic music. I have been interested in electronic music ever since I was a child. A few months ago, I founded a music label with two friends (ciao Iavan e Luca!), which is called Campunificati. After years and years of experimenting in our rooms, we finally decided to publish our works, introducing tracks which range from to ambient to techno without any genre classification or restriction. We like to think that all of the different shades of the electronic music, visual art, and nature could successfully merge into a unique platform.

What do you think of instant photography and of Luca’s shots?

I have always breathed photography. My dad is a photographer himself and I have been lucky enough to travel with him in north Europe and in the USA. I have always admired the perseverance of photographers for getting the perfect shot.I have always followed Lomography and I have always been a big fan of Luca’s work, so taking part in this project has been an amazing opportunity for me.

Federica Moretti, fashion designer

Hello Federica! Would you like to introduce yourself to our community?

Originally I am a from a small city in the center of Italy, but in 2002 I moved to Milan to study photography. After falling in love with this city, I decided to stay here and started
a new exciting adventure. Now I have my own hat brand, Federicamoretti. This project was born in 2006. At the beginning, it was mainly collaborations and consultancies with famous fashion brand. Since 2012, my brand has started to be distributed on a global level. For the future, I have two project upcoming: LOBO, a piercing/jewels brand, and HUMA, an eyeglasses line. Fingers crossed!

What advice would you give those who would like to follow the same path?

If you really believe in what are you doing, If you really want to learn every day, if you are curious and eager to grew up ... then you should give it a try because the feeling of realizing your dream is the most beautiful and gratifying you can ever experience.

La Tigre design studio (Walter and Luisa). Giada Montomoli, designer

Thanks Luca for these pictures. If you want to see more of his work, make sure to check his website and Instagram profile.

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