Parisian Walk with Marie Lukasiewicz & Cyrille Robin and the Lomo'Instant Square

Photographers Marie Lukasiewicz & Cyrille Robin shared with us their instant memories of a walk in Paris.

Self portrait of Marie & Cyrille

Hello Cyrille and Marie, could you tell us about your respective photography backgrounds?

Marie: When I was a little girl, my parents brought me to Centre Pompidou, to the Louvre, to Parisians art galleries ... I hated it! But when I turned 15 years old, I started to study art; photography gradually imposed itself. Today my artistic work evolves around pollution, environment and sustainability issues, but I also work on more personal subjects. In my most recent work, I took a slightly off-midline approach -- I injected humor and irony to the medium. Since 2014, I'm a member of a photography group called Paris Berlin Fotogroup.

Cyrille: I started taking a real interest in photography when I was a medical student. I thought it was much more serious to become an artist in Paris than being a doctor in Clermont-Ferrand (City in the center of France where I was studying back then). So I started studying photography at École Louis Lumière in Paris and I quickly found myself working as photo retoucher, and then, as a photographer, mostly in fashion and luxury fields. A couple years ago, I started to specialize in still life and design for my commissioned work. In parallel, I'm passionate about analogue stereoscopic photography and analog viewers. Since 2013, I am represented by Thierry Kauffmann agency.

What's your crazy photographic projects so far?

Marie: I made a panoramic pinhole from a barbecue motor (roasting spit) and in the end, I got completely white images.

Cyrille: I traveled across the United States to take photographs with a prototype of a stereo-pinhole on 4x5 color films I only tried once in Paris.

Why did you decide to do this photo shoot with the Lomo'Instant Square together?

Marie & Cyrille: To have fun together on an afternoon, while taking pictures.

What inspired you for this series of photographs?

Marie & Cyrille: We wanted to wander together in some pop places and buildings, and to swap the camera to photograph each other mutually. We usually don't take a lot of photographs of human beings and the Lomo’Instant Square was a good way to do it again. A lot of things and aspects from pop art and contemporary photography inspired us more or less consciously. During the previous week, we went to see David Hockney retrospective at Centre Pompidou: we really enjoyed his colors and his way of framing, it motivated us for this series.

Have you used Lomography cameras before?

Cyrille: Yes, I have had a Fisheye for a long time and I love it. I also tried the Spinner 360°, I really enjoy its concept.

What do you like about instant photography? Was it the first time you used an instant camera?

Marie & Cyrille: No, it was not the first time. In our photography works, there is not a lot of immediacies: the way we photograph involves numerous tests, editing, post-production, retouches ... It's very nice to rediscover a more instant photography, to lose a bit of control. And it's great to obtain a unique print as we work a lot in digital nowadays.

What advice would you Lomo’Instant Square users?

Marie: Let go of your digital habits, but don't hesitate too much to press the shutter-release though. :)

Cyrille: To get an optimal color rendering when you are in the shade or if it's cloudy, don't hesitate to use the flash and to filter it with something warm, like yellow.

Would you collaborate again for new photo projects?

Marie & Cyrille: Oui.

See more photos by Marie and Cyrille on their websites.

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