Photographing Brutalist Architecture with Julien Boudet


Appreciating photographs can involve more than just composition, lighting, and framing. Sometimes you can get quite lost in the details of the technique that the subject is left out. In architecture photography, the details and different nuances of the subject are equally important as those things. Case in point are these photographs from Julien Boudet that focus on brutalist architecture.

© Julien Boudet

Brutalist designs basically showcases the raw and honest form of the structure. Compared to other styles, it is rough and utilitarian in nature. Photographer Julien Boudet shot these interesting buildings on his travels all around the world. It's a refreshing sight, really. Seeing all these different buildings with varying style inspirations in contrast with the polished mega structures in our modern cities is awe-inspiring. They kind of make you wonder about the many views in the world you are yet to see.

© Julien Boudet

Julien Boudet is a fashion photographer who travels around the world on his down time. He still shoots on 35mm and 120 film.

If you're interested in Julien's work, you may head over to his website and Instagram.

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