Contemporary Collage and Dadaism

Collage work was a branch of contemporary art techniques that came from Dadaism, in which Tristan Tzara would say it's the most revolutionary development since painting and photography. How's modern collage going? We look into the works of modern collage artists.

CAROLINE HEIDER. "Wiener Werkstätte – 204265 (d’Ora-Benda-Serie)", 2017 Pigment-Print auf Papier, 130 x 100 cm; NICOLÁS RUPCICH, Still aus: "EDF", 2013 HD-Video, Ton, 05:25 min. ; SINTA WERNER, "Dekodierung der reflektierten Oberflächlichkeit", 2014 Collage, Holz, Glas, LED-Streifen, 202 x 188 cm; PAUL ALBERT LEITNER, "Flag of Art", 2016 Collage/Kartonage, 21 x 29,7 cm

Glued, cut, pasted, scratched, folded, tore, mounted, assembled, decomposed -- there are many ways to create a collage. Among artists, photographs are a favorite. .One would even say it's recycling photographic result into a new artwork. What does a fragmented, creative mess mean for the audience's perception? What does a piece of a picture or material reflect? These are one of the few questions to be answered in the works of Astrid Busch, Vincent Delbrouck Herbert Hofer, Paul Albert Leitner, Lilly Lulay, Anna Vogel, Nicolas Rupcich, and Sinta Werner.

Catch the upcoming exhibition COLLAGE I - METHODE at the Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, on September 5. The show will run through October 14.

ANNA VOGEL, "Ignifer V", 2012 Pigment-Print, MDF 26 x 36 cm; LILLY LULAY, Still aus:"Liquid Portrait fbarchive19012016", 2015 Video, 13:46 min., Ton, Loop ; VINCENT DELBROUCK, aus der Serie: Maya (ou les baies sauvages) Methylated spirit, 2015–2016 Mischtechnik, Abnutzungsspuren auf verbranntem C-Print; 44 x 29,5 cm Courtesy Stieglitz19 Gallery

Images are from the press kit.

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