Tattooist Gmaz Tests the Lomo'Instant Square

The Lomo'Instant Square is dedicated to all the sparks lighting up this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering world. We’re talking about the artists, the dreamers, the free spirits; the creatives who can’t live unless they’re spattering the earth with crazy ideas and irresistible energy.

Tattooist Gmaz from MOFO Tattoo gave up her stable job in a casino in Macau and came to Hong Kong. Let's get to know more about her in this interview!

Hello Gmaz! Please introduce yourself and let our readers know more about you.

I am Gmaz from Macau, now based in Hong Kong as a tattooist. I used to work in the casino in Macau, which has nothing to do with my current occupation. In fact, I do not like to work in the casino. However, because of the high salary, I have worked for many years. When I was too bored, I started drawing. Later, I resigned and started selling products with my drawing such as cotton bags, cushions online, as well as having some drawing jobs.

What does tattooing mean to you?

I like keeping my own drawing. For the most significant drawing, I will keep them on my body so that they will never disappear. Recently, I want to save some spaces for talented tattooists' works.

What drove you to become a tattoo artist?

I personally like tattooing very much. Before I started to learn to tattoo, most tattoos on my body were drafted by myself and tattooed by a friend. When I was working on my illustrations, some customers asked me to draw for them which were used as tattoos. I decided to learn to tattoo myself, since there were so many people who have told me to do so. Until now, I found that many people like my drawing, so tattooing becomes my career.

The tattoo industry is still not common in Hong Kong. How do you keep up with the current trend of tattoos?

In fact, tattooing is gaining popularity in Hong Kong, but the styles are still not as diversified as in foreign countries. The history of tattooing is long and continues to develop. The style of tattoo keeps changing. I am convinced that the tattoo industry is a long-term development.

Do you like instant photography?

I like to take pictures with instant cameras! I love waiting for the image to appear.

What do you think about the square format?

Square makes me cherish the space more inside the frame.

If you are given a Lomo'Instant Square, where will you take it and what will you shoot for?

I want to go back to Macau and take pictures of the old town. It is because the old buildings are starting to be demolished. I want to use photos to record them.

What is the greatest satisfaction that brings to you as a tattooist?

The greatest satisfaction is seeing my own drawing on someone else. I used to do illustrations on cotton bags and cushions. Friends of mine would send me pictures whenever they see my products in someone else's home or in the subway. And now, I am happy to see my drawing on someone’s body. Another thing that is satisfying is that some people recognize my drawing. It's the best thing to happen to me ever since I became a tattoist!

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