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The spirit of spontaneity, expression, and creative photography lives on in in the hearts of Lomographers throughout the world. Regardless of style or preference, each and everyone share the love for photography. For 25 years, Lomography has been bringing the most creative and wonderful ways to expand our photographic experiences. We've met a lot of people along the way and this series is dedicated especially to them!

Today we recognize Lawypop or Lawrence Chiam in real life and follow his majestic journey with Lomography.

Credits: lawypop

Name: Lawrence Chiam (a.k.a Law Chiam)
Username: Lawypop
Year when you joined Lomography: 2008? (I think so!)
What keeps you busy now: Family time, motion graphics (my day job), Crossfit (my workout routine), Lomo (when I travel)

Let's do a backtrack: How did you discover Lomography?

A good friend of mine brought me to Singapore’s First Lomography Gallery Store. It was a small shop on the 2nd floor of a shop house, the cameras are neatly displayed at a corner against the iconic Lomowall. I was captivated by the colourful varieties of different Lomo cameras they have and I remember talking to the shop assistant for a long time about Lomo and the cameras! I got curious and eventually bought my very first plastic camera in that very day. After that I got hooked and couldn’t stop taking pictures!

What was your first Lomography camera?

A 4-lens Actionsampler!

What's your fondest Lomography moment?

Getting my first Like on my first album of my very first LomoHome!

Could you share some of your earliest Lomography shots?

Credits: lawypop

Shooting my mum doing her morning laundry routine

Credits: lawypop

Asking my dad to take a picture of me for a rumble using my Horizon Perfekt

Credits: lawypop

Once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the Birthplace of LOMO LC-A

Who were your Lomography friends back then?

I remember chatting online with some of the Lomo veterans around the globe like @stouf, @vicuna,@adi_totp, @eva_eva,@ripsta, @neja

And in Singapore : @cyanwater, @ndroo, @quaisoir ,@stonerfairy ,@iantheman, @renaishashin

What advice would you give new Lomographers?

Browse the trending Lomographs online. Use some of your favourites as references and practices for your next shoot, don't be afraid to ask the Lomographer (I still ask as most of community people are friendly) how they achieve this shot so that you can try them out yourself. Experiment, be adventurous and have fun, you will be surprised by some of your results.

What does Lomography mean to you?

Taking pictures with a film camera has really built my confidence and patience especially I have only 36 frames and I can’t preview my pictures after I took them. This exercise also makes me appreciate the little things in my surroundings. Having the ability to see and sometimes even felt the emotions that are hidden in the pictures I took!

Some of our favorite photos by Lawypop

Credits: lawypop

Visit his LomoHome to see more.

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  1. stouf
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    @lawypop you're fantastic! Well deserved distinction!

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    Congrats @lawypop ! Well deserved!

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    Congratulations @lawypop 🎉

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    Great interview, great stuff and great lomographer

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    Congrats @lawypop!! Great lomographer, love your work! :)

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    Congratulations, @lawypop - well deserved :)

  10. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    big fan - btw - I walked passed this lomo-advert on the building in st.pete...

  11. bloomchen
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    @lawypop Congrats mate! I am pretty proud having a print of one of your pics in my livingroom. Still love the skater-shot so much.

  12. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    Humble, creative & such a great guy! Ur an inspiration! Congrats buddy!!! *hugs*

  13. lawypop
    lawypop ·


    Thanks for the Lomo Friendship and Lomo Luv all these years! :))

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