Take Warholesque Headshots with the Lomo'Instant Square


All sides equal with no awkward headroom or weird cropping, we have to admit: portraits and headshots look really awesome in square. Andy Warhol's famous collection of instant portraits of his friends is proof, but we'd rather that you see it for yourself. Shoot your square snaps with the Lomo'Instant Square! Equipped with a 95mm glass lens for exceptionally sharp snapshots, various shooting modes, and advanced automatic settings, this camera promises a really fun and creative instant experience.

Credits: Jimmy Cheng, Russell Darling, Benjamin Favrat, and Lomography.

2017-08-30 #news #instant #kickstarter #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

One Comment

  1. krummholz
    krummholz ·

    Gaaa! It's a side folder! Got mine pledged, double bummer having to wait 'til March.

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