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2017-09-04 1

Sometimes a photograph is more than just a frame captured on film. Photographer Nicola Odemann pours a little of herself into her images and is deeply connected with every shot she takes. After all, these are memories and not just mere pictures that she aims to capture.

© Nicola Odemann

The result is a series of magical photographs that can fill the room with 'oohs' and 'aahs.' Nicola is an avid traveler and she's been to some of the most mesmerizing spots in the world. One look at her work and you can see that she's enjoying every minute of the experience. It's visual storytelling done right and we can only hope that she doesn't stop anytime soon. The memories she captures on film have us in a swell of feelings -- mostly awe at the immensity of the world and the beauty that comes with it.

© Nicola Odemann

If you're interested in Nicola's work, you may visit her website and Instagram.

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    Works perfectly for the 'solitude' competition

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