Latif Al Ani: The Father of Iraqi Photography


Before its war-torn disposition, the country Iraq was at its belle epoque in the mid-20th century, where life was becoming cosmopolitan. This is the work of photographer Latif Al Ani, dubbed as the Father of Iraqi Photography before he ceased his passion in the Saddam Hussein regime.

US couple at Taq Kasra, Al Mada'in, Salman Pak, Baghdad, 1965 © Latif Al Ani

This is the first monograph of the artist. The vast majority of Ani's work was done in three decades, encapsulating the golden age of Iraq -- and it seems that his love for photography has died with the society that once was glamorous and future-forward.

When asked if he would try again, he said, “I miss it, but I feel too old for it and have suffered the loss of my ability to see and move about.” Instead, the 85-year-old depends on the new generation of photographers, despite his mixed feelings, as the social landscape and emigration issues have made Iraq lost several talented artists. Baghdad will never be the same again.

Housing project office, Yarmouk, Baghdad, 1962; Shopping in Bagdad, 1964 © Latif Al Ani

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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  1. ihave2pillows
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    Makes it even more important, as a historical document of what life can be.

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