Gianluca Galtrucco; Los Angeles as a Cinematic Mirage


The City of Angels is one surreal place to be. As the city where films are made, the line between fiction and non-fiction of its hallmarks found in L.A. are blurred. The tableau to dreams and reality.

United States of China, Unplugged, Embargo, Veni Vidi Vici, UNITED WE STAND (wedding)

Here, photographer Gianluca Galtrucco captures some scenic places found, there is no certainty whether as such was actually a movie set or production. It's a cinematic mirage. L.A. has been known for its film industry. but no matter how much movies shape its streets in every turn, Galtrucco suspends his disbelief and trusts the image. This way, it might all just make sense that it is a la la land.

Behind the Scenes, Mission Accomplished, Oil on Paper, On air, Geiger Sea

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2017-08-24 #culture #street-photography #gianluca-galtrucco #cinematic-photography

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