SIBYLLE: Photographs from East Germany's Top Fashion Magazine


At a time, fashion magazine Sibylle was the most read print for art, culture, and fashion in East Germany. Published six times a year, it was often referred as the "Eastern Vogue" due to its inventiveness in fashion, styling, photography, and editing. The magazine was named after its first editor-in-chief, Sibylle Gerstner.

Most of the people involved were intellectuals, giving high standards to visual and textual storytelling. The communist party tried to censor Sibylle, but since it was the 'only' fashion magazine, the government managed to be at ease.

Fashion and photography were its main focuses, with the aim to modernize women through pictures.

The magazine brought light to many then-obscure, now famous photographers of the craft: Arno Fischer, Sibylle Bergemann, Joachim Gern, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Roger Melis, Wolfgang Wandelt, Elisabeth Meinke, Rudolf Schäfer, Günter Rössler, Sven Marquardt, Hans Praefke, Jim Rakete, Evelin Richter, André Rival, Michael Weidt, and Ulrich Wüst.

Catch the retrospective of the iconic magazine at the show SIBYLLE – Die Fotografen at the Opelvillen Rüsselsheim on August 30, and will close on November 26.

Images are from the sample photos of Hartmann Projects.

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    cool <3 i have 70s German photography magazine "Color Foto" I don't know if it's West or East German because I can't read German language but it's a cool magazine though

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