Paris RollerGirls: First Impressions of the Lomo Instant Square

We lent the Lomo'Instant Square to Paris Rollergirls player Margaux Pendelio and photographer Cédric Hervaud. Here, they gamely shared their square experience!

Photo taken by Cédric during a roller derby workshop at l'Aérosol in Paris.

Hello Margaux & Cédric! Tell us a little bit about yourself, please?

Margaux: Hi! I am Margaux and I’m 30 years old. I live in Paris and I’m a graphic and motion designer. I’m also a Paris Rollergirls player.

Cédric: Hey! I'm Cédric and I'm 40 years old. I volunteer as a photographer for Paris Rollergirls league and I work as an internal auditor.

What’s your story with Paris Rollergirls?

Margaux: I met the Paris Rollergirls for the first time 4 years ago during a championship called the Slip It. The Paris Rollergirls Quedalles team was playing. At that time I was part of Roller Derby Rennes. Afterwards, I met them again in many events such as the Fantastic 8, which was at that time the equivalent of the French championship. Two years ago I moved to Paris and I immediately applied to be part of Paris Rollergirls. I started as a player in the Sans-culottes team (C Team) and then I joined the B Team called the Quedalles. I discovered an amazing league with awesome people with a competitive spirit who compelled me to surpass myself. In a word, it’s Passion!

Cédric: Two years ago, I talked with some players during a skating trip in Paris and I then searched some info about roller derby. I realized that it was a photogenic sport and I contacted two Parisian leagues. I first shot a workshop and then I began to go with the Paris Rollergirls everywhere the went from Metz, Nantes, Toulouse to Miami, Manchester, Malmö...

Photo taken by Cédric during a roller derby workshop at l'Aérosol in Paris.

Why the roller derby?

Margaux: I always engaged in sports activities (basket, handball, athleticism) but I had to stop for a few years because of health issues. When I was 23 years old, I wanted to start again. And I was looking for a different sport, a contact sport but in a team. A friend was a player of Roller Derby Rennes and she told me a lot about it, it seemed very fun. And of course, I’ve seen the movie Bliss... He took me 2 years to strike out. I had not skated for 10 years and they were in-line!

Cédric: Because I've practiced a lot of sports team and skating. It also allows me to keep my other passion alive: photography! The combination of roller derby and photography helps to contribute to the development of the league and overall, it helps to broadcast and communicate about this sport. which is relatively new in France. On my side, I also found a strong family spirit that I rarely encountered in other sports - even if I haven't started quad bike yet. ;)

Photo taken by Cédric during a roller derby workshop at l'Aérosol in Paris.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about trying what you do?

Margaux: To go for it and to not give up! At the beginning, skating can be a little bit difficult but at one point everything gets much easier and from that point, you can only make quick progress. Roller derby is a complete sport which helped a lot of girls (and boys) to reveal themselves. You meet people from all backgrounds. We all had different reasons why we joined the team but we are all staying for the same reasons: cohesion, excelling ourselves and fun. To play roller derby, it’s being part of a family.

Cédric: To contact a league! From then on, things will come in time, as well as investment and passion that keeps us doing things!

Photo taken by Cédric during a roller derby workshop at l'Aérosol in Paris.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Margaux: Don’t take 2 years to decide about something!

Cédric: To try quad bike!

What is photography to you?

Margaux: It’s a pleasure. I like images because of my job, photography is a part of it (even if I’m only an amateur). I’m more sensitive to analogue than digital because I love the fact that I’ve to develop the photographs. I love that moment when I have to go to the lab to get my prints. Will my photographs be great? Did I manage to get the result I wanted? And also, the joy of discovering some photos I forgot I took. Most of the time, it takes me a long time to go develop the pictures so the surprise is greater!

Cédric: A passion and a way to capture and to transmit a moment, emotions...

Photo taken by Margaux during a Sunday afternoon with her friends.

Have you ever shot with Lomography cameras before?

Margaux: Yes, I have a Fisheye and a SuperSampler.

Cédric: No.

What do you like about instant photography?

Margaux: The fact that you can hold the photo in your hand, to be able to show it to your friends and that it is very fun. And also, how easy it is to use!

Cédric: The possibility to share and to discuss the photo. I take digital photos and I can share my images through a screen or an e-mail but it's not that pleasant, compared to instant photography. I also liked the fact that I have to concentrate more or to accept little imperfections, it's something very interesting in instant photography.

Photo taken by Margaux during a Sunday afternoon with her friends.

What do you think of the Lomo’Instant Square?

Margaux: I loved to play with the multiple exposures mode, I found that you can get really pretty results with it. I also liked the square format which is quite original. And I loved to be able to play with filters, it's really fun.

Cédric: The square format is very original and brings a retro aspect which is very nice. The possibilities brought by multiple exposure and the colored filters: they are a great way to challenge our creativity and to create unique instant photographs.

Photo taken by Margaux during a Sunday afternoon with her friends.

What’s new with Paris Rollergirls and what was your craziest project up until now?

Margaux: We are actually right now in the middle of our craziest project as I’m answering to this interview from Pittsburgh! Our A Team, the All Stars, is the first French team to take part in the WFTDA playoffs! It’s a great opportunity to show what Frenchies can do and we hope we will be able. Also what’s on is our workshops we organize at l’Aérosol in Paris, it’s great to train and meet new people! To get news about our future playing season, you can follow us on our Facebook!

Cédric: Margaux already said a lot ;) ! I would also add to be passionate and share the passion! And why not share this passion with a larger audience through photography!

Photo taken by Margaux during a Sunday afternoon with her friends.

Support Paris Rollergirls and help them to fund their fantastic journey in Pittsburgh on their crowdfunding page!

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