Indoor Photoshoot Ideas to Try with the Lomo'Instant Square

Staying indoors should never be dismissed as dull and humdrum. The inspiration to take photographs can be found everywhere! Use this little moodboard of photographs taken with the Lomo'Instant Square to make your stay-at-home days more creative and productive.

Follow where the light is.

Wait for the golden hour by a pretty window frame for a more dramatic shot.

Credits: Phyllis

Don't have a good lighting indoors?

Turn the flash of the Lomo'Instant Square on and add a burst of light in your mini shoot! Colorful and quirky props are optional but highly encouraged.

Credits: Audrey Kwok, Michelly Matias, Phyllis, and Katherine Phipps.

Got interesting knickknacks laying around?

Place them against a solid-colored background for pop art-like postcards! (Yes, your beloved pet can join in the fun, too!)

Credits: Laura Bonnefous (Right)

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