Chasing the Sun: Daytime Adventures with the Lomo'Instant Square

Welcome the morning, embrace the sunshine, and stretch those creative muscles. Another day means another opportunity to make new memories. Take the Lomo'Instant Square with you and seize every moment under the sun!

You don't have to be somewhere special to take photographs. The city streets or even your own backyard may already be familiar but seeing things with a camera can change that. From the soft morning ray to the golden hour, pay attention to how the difference in the ambient light shapes a scene. Don't worry about fiddling with camera settings to capture the atmosphere right, the Lomo'Instant Square will automatically take care of that!

Credits: Greg Ferro, Katherine Phipps, Elvis Tang, Diana Oprisescu, Sanami Kwok

Focus on the smiles that made your day even brighter. Shake the shyness away, move closer, and capture those pearly whites! If you're feeling uneasy, let the classy look of the Lomo'Instant Square break the ice.

Credits: Greg Ferro, Sebastian Gansrigler, Jimmy Cheng

Put your tinted glasses on. No matter where you are heading for today, you'll never miss any postcard-worthy snapshot with the Lomo'Instant Square.

Credits: Sunsern Poontavee, Greg Ferro, Diana Oprisescu

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