Monday Moodboard: Scenes from the Park

Monday is here yet again to drag your feet in crowding streets and trains. Your senses jumble in the mess -- the smell of smoke, the constant movement of passersby, the starkness of light, the heat of the sun, and the towering buildings that just make you claustrophobic.

Unwind, de-stress and care less, for this Monday Moodboard we'll be taking you to a stroll on your favorite scenic and picturesque parks to clear the worrying mind of yours. Find the zen.

Credits: npkishi, xsara, ouroborosx, blueskyandhardrock, d321xyz, uncle_jay, iamsarahzanon, eurydice, volker-jp & tomiloveslomo

2017-08-21 #places #street-photography #urban-photography #monday-moodboard

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