So Far, a Young Oeuvre: A Retrospective of Jamie Hawkesworth


Young photographer Jamie Hawkesworth's works have been on the cover five years after his debut on photography, and he's become a favorite among the fashion world. Here is a review of his young work from his beginner days to now.

His works -- both in fashion, commercial and conceptual, have been distinct for the empathetic and subtleness of composition.

Rio, 2016; Adam, 2016, Preston Bus Station, 2013; Preston Bus Station, 2015; Congo, 2016 by Jamie Hawkesworth

The young British photographer first encountered photography through the analogue medium -- a film and a medium-format camera, and he has never left the realm of analogue since then even when he began working in fashion photography. There's always a 'knowing awkwardness' that comes from his fascination of the oddity and beauty of the everyday.

Apart from the genre he is famous for, Hawkesworth also worked for his hand on street photography "Preston is Paris 2006)", a much earlier work. the project consisted of delicate and empathetic portraits, as well as the architecture of Nothern England.

All of his work will be on the viewing in Landscape with Tree at the Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, September 9, and will close on December 3.

Mica, 2016; the Thinleys, ,2015; Congo, 2016; Nudes, 2017; Russia, Endess Rhythm, 2015 by Jamie Hawkesworth

Images are from the press kit.

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