Weaving Stories - Photography by Unai Mateo

There will come a time in any creative's life that nothing seems to make sense. Creativity is lacking, direction is nowhere to be found. Photographer Unai Mateo comes clean and tackles these things head on with his photography. Instead of backing down and giving up, he just kept on shooting.

© Unai Mateo

Unai is a talented photographer and artist. There's no doubt about that. His images are spirited and inspired but on some days, he focuses on the silence that goes in between shoots. There are good days and bad but Unai shoots through them nonetheless. The result is a pensive series of photographs that touch on different emotions and ideas. His is a reflective series of images that show vulnerability as well as perseverance, The light shines through though. Unai keeps doing what a photographer does and that's shooting what inspires him -- no matter if it's good or bad.

© Unai Mateo

You can see more of Unai's work on his website and Instagram account.

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