The Thrill of the Chase - Photography by Luke Gram

Following his instinct and passion, Canada-based photographer Luke Gram goes to some places some of us could only dream about. It's that kind of dedication to work that let him create such beautiful images. And we're more than glad to have came across his mesmerizing photographs.

© Luke Gram

Travel and landscape photography are totally different things. Sometimes it's not enough to have a great view, you also need vision to transform it into an even greater photograph. Luke's images are a case study in framing and choosing which subject to photograph. He brings out the innate beauty of these views with every click of his camera. His images invoke a sense of wonder and realization about the wide world around us and we think it's exactly what we need to get us over our confined spaces and comfort zones.

© Luke Gram

You can see more of Luke's work on his website and Instagram account.

written by cheeo on 2017-08-21 #places #nature #travel #adventure #luke-gram

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