Grace Gloria Denis: Finding the Devil in the Details

The camera is an auxiliary to our sight; seeing things that the naked eye cannot. Everything is not what it seems in the David Lynch-like lens of analogue photographer Grace Gloria Denis as she zooms up-close to seemingly mundane still life.

The photographer has a knack for unusual and precarious juxtapositions. From used cotton masks and flowers, ruin and sky, floor and wall, often meeting at a corner. Denis has been burning rolls of film since she was nine years old, and has never fallen out of love.

Denis takes inspiration from the strange and anonymous, entranced by erasure of markers throughout time and space in topographical landscapes, and things found in between. Studies of space is her forte, finding their dynamic as well as fixating her attentions to artifacts found both at home and outside.

We'll be having an interview with Grace soon. In the meantime, visit her website for more of her works.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-08-20 #people #still-photography #creative-photography #grace-gloria-denis

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