Steve Denny: Rural and Urban shots with the Lomo'Instant Wide

South London based photographer and community member Steve Denny Talks to us about his love for film photography and his experiences shooting with the Lomo'Instant Wide.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

London born, 48 years old. I lived my first 25 years in Bermondsey SE London, now living in Bromley. I took to photography when I was working in wine vaults under London Bridge station back in the late 1980s. When I stumbled upon a tiny camera shop on the station, the owner saw me looking through the window and invited me in, eventually talked me into buying a Zenith 11 and a few months later, a Lubitel 166. Once I had an image chosen for "Photo Of The Week" in Amateur Photographer magazine, then I knew photography was for me!

Since then, I've been selling limited edition prints to friends in the US, Canada and Europe, had a few calendars printed and sold them -- not enough to get rich though! I also collect film cameras of various makes, shooting with them and then passing them on ... I'm not a complete technophobe as I do shoot digital, even have a Sony 23mp smartphone, but I always fall back on film!

How did I get into shooting the Lomo'Instant Wide?

I was shooting Polariods at the time and saw a few videos on Youtube about the Lomo'Instant Wide and after the great reviews it received, I thought 'Id give that a go!' I love the way that the Lomo'Instant Wide takes shots, no two are the same, believe me when I say I've taken numerous shots of the same scene and ALL prints came out different! So there's the surprise element involved too!

What did I choose to shoot?

Ok, being from London, I love to shoot streets, so I started there, had a few problems with slow shutter speeds and fast moving people though! So I eventually turned my hat towards rural photography and my favourite photo locations, Hastings!

What is the appeal of instant photography?

Tricky one this, but for me, I Iike prints, I like to hold them, display them, show them off etcetera, but I don't have the space for a darkroom, and we all know the magic of developing prints on blank paper! So the next best thing just has to be Instant! Its like having your own little darkroom in your hands!

Whats coming up in 2017?

Ok, well I'm still shooting the Lomo'Instant Wide, but I'm more selective now, taking just one pack of film on a trip as opposed to my usual 6! I'm shooting a lot of 35mm and the odd, dare I say 'digital'? Plus I'm hoping to find a permanent venue to display my Lomo'Instant Wide prints, so more like minded people can view them. I'm saving (well, trying) to save for the Mint instant TLR, but that's rather pricey for me at the moment! Next year I'm planning a week in the Lake District and will ONLY be taking my Lomo'Instant Wide, so look out for some great, yet slightly damp prints from that trip!

To see more of Steve's work follow his Instagram page @SMDPhotog.

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