Boston Street Fashion of the 1970s: Photographs of the Daily Look


Fashion is cyclical, and just when we thought we're all ready to burn those bell bottoms and floral tops, fashion has its way trends back from the dead. In the images of Nick Dewolf, '70s fashion couldn't be any more pulled off by the Boston youth.

The '70s was a revolutionary decade. Moved by anti-government and anti-authority sentiments, art, music, lifestyle and fashion drastically changed. It was all about liberating the human and allowing himself or herself to respond to nature. And for 70's fashion, comfort is key.

While women have long been freed from the corset, the '70s was the most liberated the body could get. Short shorts, round-neck tees are go-to's for school goers; midriffs and loose jersey tank tops for everyday errands; bell bottoms and strappy dresses for the street fashionista cred. Here are some of Dewolf's photographs of '70s daily looks.

Images are from Vintage Everyday.

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