Seeing in Infrared - Photography by Timothy Flower

Photography is a field that you can't take Timothy Flower out of. When he's not working as a director of photography, he's out in the open taking photos of things that inspire him. It's not just a job for Timothy but rather a calling that he gets to answer everyday.

© Timothy Flower

He's pretty much have a lot to go around for everybody when it comes to photographs. What really had us hooked was his series of photographs shot entirely on infrared film. Timothy created a majestic display of colorful explosions with Kodak Aerochrome film. His shots are just beautiful and there's not other way around it. It's great to see a rare film stock put to good use by someone who lives to make brilliant images. We're quite sure that Timothy made every frame of that Aerochrome count.

© Timothy Flower

If you're interested in Timothy's work, you may head to his website and Instagram account.

written by cheeo on 2017-08-18 #people #infrared #kodak-aerochrome #timothy-flower

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