Lomo'Instant Square First Times: Singapore's Audrey Kwok

Singaporean Lomo Amigo Audrey Kwok is back with her signature clean and fun aesthetic. Audrey is one of the Lomo'Instant Square testers, receiving the camera way before the Kickstarter campaign started.

Here, you'll see the wonders she shot with Lomography's first ever instant square format camera.

© Audrey Kwok, Model: Lin Jia Hui

Welcome back to the digital pages of the Lomography Online Magazine! What's keeping you busy these days?

I’ve been doing shoots - the most exciting one recently involves water portraits with a beautiful makeup look of flower petals. I’ve also done some traveling - I was in Hong Kong recently and I’m going to Europe next year. I link up with creatives and models when I travel, so it’s always an amazing learning experience.

© Audrey Kwok, Model: Chong Yoke Ming

Tell us more about the concept of this shoot.

I experimented with materials like cellophane, bubblewrap and measuring ribbons, as well as harsh light and shadows. I wanted to try something unorthodox and unusual with the instant film look and I was quite pleased with the interesting results.

© Audrey Kwok, Model: Hwee Min and Cindy Brigitta

Can you tell us a little more about your Lomo'Instant Square experience? Any challenges or memorable stories?

I’m very used to digital work so the lighting meter and the built-in flash on the camera took some getting used to.

© Audrey Kwok, Model: Lin Jia Hui

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Also check out the models: Hwee Min, Lin Jia Hui, Cindy Brigitta, and Chong Yoke Ming.

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