LomoAmigo Duo Finds Old Wedding Photos from a Thrifted Camera


Photographer couple Ryan and Garovs Vergara, collectively known as "Everywhere We Shoot", found a 35mm compact camera (seemingly brand new, in box, and fully packaged) in a Japanese surplus shop in Manila. They didn't expect for the camera to be already used, though.

The camera was bought just this February. Complete with a box, price tag, manual, warranty paper, timer, hand strap and even the display tag, the found Olympus MJU Zoom 104 Deluxe 35mm compact camera was already loaded with a used film, a Fuji Superia Venus 800.

"Of course, I didn't know that it had a film inside so when I opened it, I immediately closed it," said Ryan to Lomography Magazine. "It had 5 shots left. We used the last 5 and forgot about the camera. 2 months after, we had it developed in a 1-hour photo shop near our place. I was wishing it was a Moriyama or Araki film! Hahahaha!"

When the couple developed the film, they found wedding photographs, dated from 2004 -- 9.19'04. Many questions arose the duo: Who took the shots? Why did they dispose the camera without processing and keeping the film? Who are the married couple? By now, the couple would already be celebrating their 13th anniversary if they stayed together.

Unfortunately, it will remain a mystery until then. If anyone can identify the couple, do message Everywhere We Shoot so that the images can be returned!

Images are from Everywhere We Shoot.

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-08-16 #news #everywhere-we-shoot #wedding-photos #found-photography

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