The LC-A+ in Asia: Garrett


Garrett is a Canadian born photographer who has been working in Hong Kong for 4 years. As a proud owner of an LC-A, an Lomo LC-A+ and an Lomo LC-Wide, we naturally wanted to see some of his shots, so he's kindly shared some of his finest work. Let's take a look!

Credits: gweilolife

It seems that you own quite a few LC-A? Can you share with us some of your experiences?

After owning a few Lomography cameras, I eventually purchased a LC-A. Later on I got the Lomo LC-A+ and then the Lomo LC-Wide. I had always known it was the iconic camera that started it all, but at that time I had an all medium-format work flow. Of all the lo-fi 35mm cameras, the Lomo LC-A+ has the best look and ease of use. It truly is a form of analogue perfection!

Credits: gweilolife

When do you usually use your Lomo LC-A+ ?

I most often bring the Lomo LC-A+ out on sunny days with friends. The camera seems most appropriate in a relaxed setting where it has no intended goal.

Credits: gweilolife

I bring the camera on all of my travel locations in Asia and North America. Its small size and ease of use helps you focus on the travel rather than the camera.

Credits: gweilolife

What features do you like about Lomo LC-A+ the most?

The lens is by far my favourite feature if you could call it that. It draws in a way that is like no other. My second favorite is the auto exposure as all my other cameras do not have a meter.

Credits: gweilolife

Do you have a favorite photo that you took in Hong Kong?

This is horrible question for me as I am not one to pick favorites, but I do like a shot I recently took of a chef in Hong Kong. To me this is one of those photos where everything came together. Besides, what I like most about Hong Kong is it’s unique culture as well as the people’s drive to succeed, despite all the forces against them.

Credits: gweilolife

For news about Garrett in Canada, follow him on Instagram, check out his LomoHome: @gweilolife, and make sure you have a look at his website!

written by Ka Sim Lam on 2018-01-30 #people #places


  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    The butcher's look is priceless. I'd be afraid taking that picture, don't wanna hang there with the other chickens

  2. jaunman
    jaunman ·

    Hongers' bark worst than the bite :)

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