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To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are honoring 25 of the most iconic Lomographers in the community. We did some catching up with Eva Lai Yee Wah, also known as Eva_eva, who is celebrating her 10th year in Lomography!

Name: Eva Lai Yee Wah
Username: @eva_eva
Year when you joined Lomography: 2007

Self-portrait by @eva_eva

Let's do a backtrack: How did you discover Lomography?

It's all started from a friend, who suddenly asked, "Have you heard about Lomography?" The conversations kickstarted my curiosity. To satisfy my curiosity, I did a lot of research online to found out it's a bunch of really cool analogue cameras. Tried out one roll with the Lomography Fisheye 2 and I was hooked. The roll turned out not that great, but what made me feel really excited is the unpredictable process of the analogue photography. You can’t predict exactly what you shoot, and the outcome of the films never failed to surprise me no matter it’s a good surprise or the other way round.

What was your first Lomography camera?

Lomography Fisheye 2.

What's your fondest Lomography moment?

There are a lot of them! The significant ones would be a part of the analogue community where I met a lot of new friends from Malaysia and all over the world! We might speak different languages, but somehow there’s something in us that made us ‘click’ instantly. After a few years of being just a very active community member, I became one of the Lomography team as well. I used to be part of the Lomography Asia Pacific team handling Malaysia online market back in 2011. Grew from just a passionate hobby to a career. It’s indeed very memorable to me.

What does Lomography mean to you?

For now, motherhood has become the new priority of my life. Besides carrying baby food or extra diapers for my little one, my faithful LC-A+ or LC-Wide will always inside my bag whenever I go out. I implement the great golden rule #1 “Take your camera everywhere you go" and it has sub consciously became part of my life since the day I pick up Lomography way back then. Despite the great quality and the effectiveness of smart phones or digital cameras photography nowadays, Lomography is still part of my life. I’m still shooting film, even though I shoot lesser due to my hectic and different lifestyle now, but I would really love to carry on this family legacy to my daughter.

Could you share some of your earliest Lomography shots?

Pretty in Pink, Spinning, Sunrise by @eva_eva

What keeps you busy now?

Motherhood kept me really busy now. It’s a whole new adventure in life.

Who were your Lomography friends back then?

Through this community, I met some local Lomographers and then we often meet up for Lomowalks. These are some of the names; like @jeepeng @edmund_li @reinertlee @dickwoei and much more. It’s a great period where everyone is young and energetic, we could hang out always just to burn films together. I do meet some other Lomographers from other countries such as @renaishashin @cyanwater @meerly @wil6ka @hakimbo05 @ericeast @ccwu @shanti @jeansman, just to name a few.

What advice would you give new Lomographers?

Don't think just shoot. In this digital era, everyone is prone to being a perfectionist in every way. Maybe we should just slow down a little bit, put all the thoughts behind, back to basic and just shoot. Sometimes things will happen unexpectedly and it might be one of the greatest moments ever. Trust me. ;)

Some of our favorite shots by Eva_eva

Credits: eva_eva

Visit her LomoHome to see more.

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