Flowers and Weeds in Atmospheric Dystopia

Sydney-based photographer Daniel Shipp has been interested in the inexplicable yet intuitive, mostly his photography focusing on studio work. In this series, he explores how plants and flowers found at non-nature environments fit and survive the modern world.

The photographs are painted grim, but the shrubs and buds stand out with their colors.

"In these compositions the physical characteristics of the unremarkable plants I have collected become storytelling elements which, when staged against the backdrop of common urban environments, explore the quietly menacing effect that humans have on the natural world. From a subjective and ambiguous point of view we witness the plants ability to adapt and survive."

Shipp collected unremarkable plants and made dioramas of city environments to accomplish his series, his perspective comes from the plants and flowers, showing their endurance in unfitting and harsh environments. He makes a case that these little flora found in urban areas remain important to the urban landscape when talking about pollution and human intervention.

Images are from This is Colossal.

2017-08-15 #people #daniel-shipp #botanical-photography #plant-photography

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