The Summer Diaries of Arturo Bamboo


Arthur Groenveld and Bamboo van Kampen, collectively known as "Arturo Bamboo" wants you to get lost with this dreamy summer travelogue they both made as they make each dog day count.

Photography by Arturo Bamboo

The Dutch duo loved spending their summers by the sea, and though they've settled to landlocked Berlin, they often get the urge to go back to their childhood -- days under the sun, eating good food, talking to strangers, and mostly indulging in the luxury of doing absolutely nothing.

Both partners in life and art, the duo decided to 'jot' down their travels when van Kampen found an old analogue camera in Ibiza. Paired with expired film, the couple loved the results and analogue became part of their lives. The couple is young as photographers, having zero knowledge of post-editing, and just enjoying the spontaneity, mundaneness, and uncertainty of their film endeavors.

Hey, that's what the analogue lifestyle is usually all about anyway!

Photography by Arturo Bamboo

Images are from Another Mag.

written by lomographymagazine on 2017-08-15 #places #travel-photography #lifestyle-photography #arturo-bamboo

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