30 Years of Suburban America by David Graham

Photographer David Graham paints us a colorful picture of the great American landscape with a series that took almost three decades to complete. He's still not done with it though for there are sure to be more sights to be discovered in the land of the free.

© David Graham

Graham's photographs can be characterized as documentary, architectural, and candid all rolled into one. You can almost find anything in Graham's collection -- from snapshots to family pictures and street snaps to portraits. It's a mesmerizing thing actually. To see all of these occurring in different times and places all around America. It's like peering into a movie or play wherein all sorts of characters and predicaments can be found. What's better is that all these are real and yet they lend so much to the imagination of the photographer and the audience as well.

© David Graham

You can see more of David Graham's work on his website.

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