Disorder in Singapore: A Photo Essay by Freelance Photographer Mark Chaves


In the field of arts as a photographer and writer, Indonesia-based and Manila-born Mark Chaves photographs Singapore on 35mm film with a theme that is the opposite of what the city state stands for — chaos.

Titled "Disorder in Singapore", Mark's photo essay was exhibited in Youngstown, Ohio last February.

© Mark Chaves, man down
© Mark Chaves L-R: you've got mail; retired; i never liked colouring in between the lines
© Mark Chaves L-R: modern day stump; in love with that lonely feeling -- kampong glam; the lizard king
© Mark Chaves L-R: safety man; what ever you do -- don't touch the spinning orb; 'orderly' disorder

Keep updated on Mark's work by visiting his website.

written by crissyrobles on 2017-08-14 #news

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  1. brimfullofasha
    brimfullofasha ·

    whoa, i'm just seeing this now! huge thanks for this, Chrissy :-). totally loving it. hey--by the way, i'm originally Filipino. i was born in Manila. my parents are from Mindanao.

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