Taking Souvenirs with the Lomo'Instant Square

The time we spend with our beloved ones is truly precious, and moments we capture along the way always remind us of it. There are some particularly special days when we just want to take photos until there is no film left. We want to cherish those memories and keep those moments forever.

Even if it's your wedding day and just want to have an awesome selfie with your significant other, or you want to capture your kid's first steps and show it to your family and friends, then you should wait no more. Lomography's bringing you the ultimate Lomo'Instant Square which allows you to take stunning shots and share them instantly with the people closest to you.

Get your camera ready and prepare yourself for a whole new experience when it comes to sharing precious moments.Pre-order the Lomo'Instant Square now!

2017-10-14 #news #instant #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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