Beauty in Structure - Photography by Lorenzo Zandri


Structure is a powerful factor in creating images. An artist can make beautiful things with it and Rome-based photographer Lorenzo Zandri definitely can using different photographic formats.

© Lorenzo Zandri

Lorenzo's images can serve as a study on how lines and patterns can be used to bring attention to an image. He carefully selects his angle, frames it up, and transform seemingly ordinary architectural sights into visually-enticing works of art. He uses symmetry in his work as well, giving his work additional depth. It all fits since Zandri is a student of architectural studies. His works quietly speak for themselves just as his subjects do.

© Lorenzo Zandri

If you're interested in Lorenzo's work, you may head to his Behance, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

written by cheeo on 2017-08-16 #people #places #lines #structure #architecture #lorenzo-zandri

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