Words on the Street According to the Lomo'Instant Square

Sometimes it's not the street photographer who finds the signs and symbols during a street grind; sometimes, it's the city who finds you, and it's calling out, beckoning to be photographed through the subtlest of words. Let the Lomo'Instant Square guide your fingers to the written words.

Photos: Sebastian Gansrigler (VIE); Phyllis (HK); Katherine Phipps (USA)

Word on the street is, you're not looking hard enough. The minimalist restaurant logo, the loud graffiti on the wall, the fancy label of a car -- the mundane yet obscure notion of taking images of written words around the metropolis is something you may not have taken endeavor yet, but you should. It's spontaneous, creative, challenging, making the Lomo'Instant Square the perfect partner for such project.

Photos: Russell (UK) Model: Michael Hanratty; Greg Ferro (ITA); Katherine Phipps (USA)

So the next time you take that photo walk, make sure you're bringing this square-format instant camera with you, leaving you no chance to miss anything. The Lomo'Instant Square will serve as your secondary intuition.

2017-09-21 #culture #instant #kickstarter #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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