Using the Lomo'Instant Square for Scenic Postcards

In the olden times, traveling was a rather intimate hobby. How so? To share one's journey to the unknown would require effort. Effort, in the sense you'd have to send them a keepsake with notes on the back.

The digital age has made our private lives and matters open to everyone, and it does make it easier for others to share the travels through second-hand experience, but humanity might as well have forgotten to make them more familiar, personal, and most of all, intimate.

So why not relive the tradition of sending postcards with the Lomo'Instant Square?

Photo: Michal Dzujka (VIE)

With the Lomo'Instant Square, you can show your friends and family how much you cherish them by simply giving them a postcard of the wonderful sights you've seen. There's the undying magic for physical photographs after all, and the square format makes it easier to curate in photo walls, albums, or scrapbooks.

Trying to uphold a social media presence? No worries, your followers would love it if you actually take some time to give them a few snaps of instants and an appreciative shout out. Treat the LI Square as your automatic postcard maker -- no sweat and fuss -- but the love and effort remain there.

Photos: Katherine Phipps (US); Sanami Kwok (HK); Kieko Hoshi (JP)

Go on and make this your new travel buddy; all the breathtaking scenery you've witnessed deserve to be as iconic as the celebrities on your bedroom wall.

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