"Marseille Je t’aime": Photo Book by Jacquemus

This set of images of French artist and creative Simon Porte Jacquemus along with his collaborators, paints the city of Marseille an intimate portrait and all the lovely things and aspects found.

Jacquemus, a now known independent fashion designer of no high-end connection, had become one of the most sought-after clothesmakers as his fan base ranges from Tumblr users to big shots like Rihanna.

Vue trois© Willi Dorner and David Luraschi, Courtesy of Jacquemus; A la Mer© Masha Reva, Courtesy of Jacquemus

The young creator is paying tribute to his roots from Provence and beloved homeland of southern France. His native city, Marseille, has served as his creative inspiration. The images found are things that ignited the spark in him -- of photographs and paintings of landscapes, clothes, beachfront, figurines, nudes, and so much more, found in his beloved book "Marseille je t’aime".

Works from his collaborators Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Agathe Zaerpour, Ruth van Beek, Philippine Chaumont and David Luraschi add dimension to Jacquemus' artistry and character as a creative as they all explore this certain love for the home city.

Les Rochers Abandonnés© Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Courtesy of Jacquemus; Simon et les RayuresPersonal Archives, Courtesy of Jacquemus; Valerie et son petit chatPersonal Archives, Courtesy of Jacquemus; Tomate © Philippine Chaumont and Agathe Zaerpour, Courtesy of Jacquemus

Images are sourced from Another Magazine.

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