In a Glamorous Mood with Fabio Bozzetti


Fabio Bozzetti is a successful fashion photographer who works with internationally known brands and magazines. His style is never predictable and always intriguing.

Here, get to know more about him and see his photos taken with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens and with the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass.

Model: Giulia Lippi

Hello Fabio and welcome to Lomography! Could you tell us about yourself and how did your passion for photography start?

It all happened casually. My father, as many people from the '70s, had his own dark room to develop his photos. Despite having all these old Nikon cameras at home, my passion was born when I was almost 28 years old, after a long way in which I try to understand how to express my "vision". I found in photography the best medium.

How has your style evolved throughout the years?

The evolution of my photographic style, or I must say its changes, happened due to the photographic references I had during the years. Patrick Demarchelier has surely been one of the firsts: with his eternal style, the images will never be old, not even in 40 years. But fashion is an art in constant evolution and to work we need to adapt to what the market is currently requesting. So besides my "masters", I also integrated with magazines considered at some point cool and that imposed a certain style.

Which part of the job do you like the most? As a photographer, do you have any particular obsession?

What I appreciate the most is the fact I do not consider it a a job. The choice of being a photographer was taken at the end of my university in psychology and a master in sexology. When I turned 28, I decided to abandon the studies and completely dedicate myself to my passion. Living on what you love is the most gratifying thing.
Regarding my obsession, I like not obvious moods. I like to insert some elements that you can call "sick" in my photos. I don't love those artworks that need interpretation. I like to give direct messages and bring out a specific mood. The research on how not to fall in banality, this can be considered my fixation.

Which projects are you most passionate about?

The portrait is one of my great passions but in general, I like works that communicate something. I notice a quite relevant repetition of ideas since two years. Hundreds of similar shoots, with the same poses, styling and colors. A lack of research truly worrying.
Everything that falls outside this impasse has my attention.

How is your creative process? Do you have a specific method?

I let myself be inspired by everything. I was lucky enough to be an assistant to people who made me understand how everything can become a photographic mood. The interpretation of a book, a movie, a disease, a mood. Fashion photography is not necessarily a picture where you can easily read the clothing, with a nice light and pose. Tim Walker is one of the greatest proponents of the concept I am speaking about.

Are there any photographers who particularly influenced you?

Demarchelier and Tim Walker that I mentioned have been deeply influential but also Mario Sorrenti, Herb Ritts, Patrick Swirc (his portrait of Clint Eastwood is the image I love the most). The list would be endless and I would also need to include many photographers I met and gave me ways to reflect and improve.

On your website it's stated that team-working is for you the most important aspect. How do you coordinate the work of many people and connect with them?

It's not that difficult. Already from the first meetings, I usually have intuitions on who can be a trouble-maker, and in this cases I simply avoid working together. We are not saving the world so irritability and tensions are forbidden during the shoot. It's possible to create beautiful works smiling and with a relaxed atmosphere.

What did you decide to photograph with the Daguerreotype Art Lens? Which camera did you use?

Obviously models, with whom I can play on multiple levels, from portraits to a whole body shot integrated in a landscape. I shot with a Nikon D800.

This lens is a continuation of the experimental tradition of Lomography. Which peculiar effects have you realized and for which projects would you suggest it?

The apertures shaped as star and circle transform the highlights, making the image very interesting.I would recommend it for sure for portraits and half body shots, which will have these mentioned effects to surround them, enhancing the subject even more.

What do you think about instant photography?

Actually I already have an instant camera, and I consider these cameras the rediscover of what photography used to be. They do not adapt to all situations, but for example during holidays they are the ideal tool. If you carefully chose the right moments you will immediately have few printed pictures that will last forever instead of thousands taken with a cellphone and that will surely finish in the oblivion.

What were your first impressions of the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass ?

It's not immediately intuitive and you need to read the instruction manual. Other cameras are more intuitive but simply because they have less functions (ON, OFF, flash on, flash off, distance from the subject and that'is). Obviously if you have more features you need to study the camera more but in this way you can personalize the images.

For which projects would you recommend it?

It's a tool that can be used as "memories-maker". A birthday or a holiday can be relived better with a print (which doesn't even need to be developed for having it in your hands). It can also be great as a integration of editorial images since, in this particular historical moment, they are really appreciated by magazines and can become an additional value to the shoot.

To see other works by Fabio, you can visit his website and Instagram.

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