LomoAmigo Rita Maria: Lomo'Instant Wide at CPH Open

Rita Maria is a writer and photographer living in Denmark and San Diego. She tells us about her experience shooting with the Lomo'Instant Wide at the CPH Open, a huge Skateboard event happening in Copenhagen, Denmark.

How did you get along with the Lomo’Instant Wide?

Me and my Lomo’Instant Wide Central Park, whom I named Foxey Lady, became gal pals almost immediately after I picked her up from the post office. She was even prettier than I expected. Just like in almost every new relationship with a beautiful creature, we had a small communication problem in the beginning. That was mainly caused by my impatience to read her instructions which I didn’t.

As a result, I struggled to find the right lighting settings for a rainy day in the middle of the chaos that some also call a giant skateboarding event. However, after a few tries, I felt like we reached a mutual understanding. I’m looking forward to our long and happy future together.

Can you tell us more about the skate event you captured?

This year’s CPH Open felt like Woodstock on wheels. For a few days, the whole city was like a cosmic champagne celebration of skateboarding. I dare to say that there’s nothing quite like it. Partially because of the rainy weather conditions, I decided to focus on the main ingredients of just having a good ol’ time: being together with friends, not thinking and maybe drinking.

In general, capturing the event with Foxey was a blast! I tested a few of the camera’s more creative features and just shot photos whenever I felt like it. I usually have a tendency to frame photos for far too long but this time I decided to shoot from the hip and just go for it. Lomo style! I was also surprised by how many people noticed Foxey and stopped me to ask questions about my new camera that “looked very old.”

Do you use instant photography for your projects?

I try to shoot and support film in every shape and form and as often as I can. Earlier this month I went on a two-week girl skate tour in Finland, organized by Keep Rolling Movement, the raddest, and baddest female skate crew out of Northern Europe. There were 18 beautiful ladies ripping, and I documented friendship moments from that trip with my Lomo'Instant.

In comparison, I think that the Lomo' Instant Wide suits my personal needs to experiment and constantly find ways to be creative better, even though it’s heavier and bigger in size. In the future, I hope to document as many similar events as possible on Instant film. One of the best things I have done this summer was to give those photos out as a thank you for the good times. Seeing my friends’ faces afterward was absolutely priceless.

Is there a feature you particularly enjoyed?

I loved the fact that Foxey could capture party pics even in really dark settings. Additionally, I think that the Ultra Wide-Angle Lens is a rad little extra feature, especially when shooting groups of happy peeps together. I also like the fact that there are not too many buttons on the camera, even though there are plenty of features to play with.

What advice could you give on using the Lomo’Instant Wide?

Don’t think, solely enjoy it! Foxey is made to bring a smile on your face, not a wrinkle on your forehead.

What would you like to try next?

I dream of trying out the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System! Photos shot with those lenses got me fully under their spell. They look like pure magic, beyond divine. I’m also going to travel to Japan in a few weeks to shoot a project that emphasizes the importance and beauty of reading. Finding whimsical equipment or a banging film for that project is on my list.

Get to know Rita in her previous interview for Lomography.

See more of Rita's work on her website and Instagram traveldelic.

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