"XING": Studying the Fetishisation of Asian Women

The sensationalism of Asian women continues to be rampant in the modern era. The frail, vulnerable, delicate, and submissive image is often immediately attached to the Asian woman. This photo book is supposed to address the issue.

Singaporean photographer and publisher Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee collected images from artists such as Vivian Fu, Clara Lee, Ronan Mckenzie and more on images that satirize the trend.

Photography by Tammy Volpe, Ronan Mckenzie

Her photobook "XING", which its name was taken from the Mandarin word that means either "sex", "sexuality", "to wake up", "to grow aware", or 'essence of a person", was actually inspired by the rise of hate crimes in the wake of Brexit and the shock result of the US Election 2016. The images curated are supposed to confront the stereotypes head on.

“I hope the book is a message to the West (as well as its Eastern counterparts) that the Asian female identity is multifarious, and it is ever-changing and independent. I hope it inspires people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities that it is important to own and be proud of one’s heritage.”
Photography by Teresa Eng, Ronan Mckenzie, Takuya Nagata

Images are sourced from Dazed Digital.

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