Mila Teshaieva on Photographing the Modern-Day Frisians

The Frisians are a Germanic ethnic, indigenous group found in Netherlands and northwestern Germany, and their earliest record was found in a Roman record in 12 B.C.

To this day, the bloodline continues and they're captured by photographer Mila Teshaieva.

Mila Teshaieva: Frisian Grace, 2014, © Mila Teshaieva; Mila Teshaieva: The hat is off, 2015, © Mila Teshaieva; Mila Teshaieva: Closeness, 2014, © Mila Teshaieva

Teshaieva's work shows Frisian daily life, both historic and contemporary in the island of Föhr, where she spent several years visiting and observing the way of life. Adding her own art, she mystifies them even more with darkness.

Today, there exists tripartite division of Frisians -- North Frisians, East Frisians and West Frisians, the division caused by conflicts during the Middle Ages. The inhabitants she captured were North Frisians, and they still speak the native language of Frisian by more than 500,000 people.

Visit the anticipated show Culture Days | Island Beings. Photographs by Mila Teshaieva | Island Daily Life. Insights into Frisian Lives at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin on August 24. The show will end on April 2.

Mila Teshaieva: Magnus at Vogelkoje, 2014, © Mila Teshaieva; Mila Teshaieva: Elisabeth at home, 2014, © Mila Teshaieva; Nationaltracht auf der Insel Föhr, kolorierte Lithografie, um 1850, © Museum Europäischer; Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin / Dietmar Katz, Trachtengruppe Utersum, 2015, © Hans-Jürgen Thiede

Images are found in the press kit.

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