Going Retro Chic with Fujifilm Velvia 100 35mm

There's no other way to make every moment memorable by treating them special. Fujifilm's Velvia 100 is the 35mm film stock for the summer you will never forget.

The slide film is known for its versatile color shifts -- from the classic E6 lime and viridian green, to vintage beachy pinks and purples, golden redscales and realistic palettes. The spectrum for vintage moods is ever varying with this film. Try it now, or check out these Lomographs for your reference.

Summer surreal

Credits: hodachrome, juniardigiugno, akula, palkina & disdis

L.A. Pink

Credits: opon21, juniardigiugno, andrejrusskovskij & ekeupratama

Golden Rod

Credits: frauspatzi, andrejrusskovskij & saidseni

E6 Green

Credits: djmusician, megalithicmatt, disdis, andrejrusskovskij & hodachrome

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