Colorfully Kitsch: Stock Photography of the 70's

When perusing through heaps and albums of photographs, we can tell which images are taken from then and now. Photographs from the late 19th century look like sketches and pencil drawings; early 20th-century photographs are like paintings done by painters themselves; the 20's jumped across realism with black-and-white documentarian approaches; the 50's and 60's, a good, healthy mix of B&W and color; the 70's mastered it.

These vintage stock photos belonged to one of the first major image banks in the world, RobertStock, which was founded in 1920 by H. Armstrong Roberts. Taking stock photography is actually more difficult than one would think, no matter how 'artificial' they may look (especially stock photos now), but these vintage stock images seem like physical proof that tells how far photography technology has reached in the 70's.

Vivid colors, matching palettes, and clear shots, these photographs or portraits could immediately pass off as characters from a Wes Anderson film, don't you think?

Images are from Design You Trust.

2017-08-04 #culture #color-photography #1970-s #vintage-photography

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