Lomographic Color Studies: Green

When we talk about the color green, the sentiments are often vague and cautious. Green, a neutral, natural color, sharing the same Germanic etymological roots for "grass" and "grow". no surprise there, for beginnings like springtime is always Viridian and lime. The Greenpeace's name speaks for itself, so does the expression 'green thumb" or "going green".

As part of the earthy palette, chlorophyll is everywhere.

Credits: paper_doll, anarchy, kleeblatt, shoujoai & poison-exquis

Despite the inclinations of green with nature, green has its darker, mysterious side. Enigmatic characters and creatures of fantasy and mythology are often myrtle-skinned, say your faeries, goblins, the Japanese kappa, jade dragons, witches to contemporary ones like the Hulk, the Grinch, Godzilla. If you notice, the characters found are often painted morally neutral to chaotic with a side salad of conniving -- "green with envy", or the "green-eyed monster". And envy often leads to unseen danger. You'll never see it coming when the serpent slithers and readies itself to ensnare.

So poisonous liquid runs as deep as a thicket of the forest... and the absinthe glistens in emerald.

Credits: aeroektar, 007-0815-styler, rubyw00, nofish & b0rn2b1ush

But that's what makes this color so alluring and fascinating -- with all its good and bad laid out in plain sight. No pretension of being passionate or cool, just subtlety slowly drawing you in. Perhaps it's why green is the color of nature and life. The bad doesn't always outweigh the good.

For in life, in every field of shamrocks, there's always a four-leafed clover.

Credits: bravebird, ishifishy, melissa23h, clickiemcpete, rdelean & poison-exquis

2017-08-04 #culture #green #color-photography #lomographic-color-studies

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