Katrina Barber at Float Festival with the Lomo Instant Wide


Atlanta-based Lomographer Katrina Barber covered the Float Festival with the Lomo'Instant Wide, making awesome portraits of music fans having the time of their lives. Perhaps part of the reason that the festival goers are having so much fun is that the festival is about so much more than the music: it's a weekend of camping and also literally floating down the nearby Cool Ranch River to beat the summer heat. We're already making our plans to attend next summer.

What's your favorite thing about shooting festivals and concerts?

The energy! There's nothing like a band onstage performing their hearts out to screaming fans. Also, no performance is ever the same—even if the band has the same setlist and venue as the last time you saw them, there's always new lighting, new songs, new moves, new fans.

Was there anything particularly magical about Float Fest? Everyone looks like they're having a fantastic time!

Float Fest is a one of a kind, the vibe there is like no other festival I've ever been to. Everyone's so chill and not worried about getting to the front row. They're there to float, camp, have a crazy fun time with friends, and explore the festival grounds. The music is definitely a major part of that fest, don't get me wrong, but it's not the only thing, and that's why I always want to go back.

When shooting instant photos, is there anything to keep in mind to get the most amazing results?

Oh yes: know your camera! Knowing how your camera reacts to different lighting situations is a life saver when you're running from stage to stage with cloud coverage and stage lighting always changing. Luckily the Lomo'Instant Wide has a ton options for lighting control, so I pretty much always get the exposure I need. I also try to remember to never be afraid of "wasting" film—music and musicians are always moving, and that blur and movement in the frame is what makes it unique and beautiful.

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For more music coverage and portraits by Katrina Barber, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram.

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