Tipster: Maximize Your Instants! (Part 1)

There's so much to love about instant photography. The idea of a picture developing right in the palm of your hand is really amazing and exciting, but that's just the beginning; what you do next with your instant photos will take your excitement to the next level.

Here, we give you some creative ideas that you can try with your instants.

Make Your Instant Photo Wall

Let's start with an easy one by @remyleblanc. This works best if you have a big pile of instants, so that when you line up your photos on the wall, they will look great arranged in rows. Another cool alternative? You may also combine it with a frame, like @nocnoc did! See the step-by-step.

Share the Instant Love

Now, here's a great idea for instant photos that you intend to share on social media. Let's face it, sometimes you just need to share that awesome instant shot on Instagram or Facebook, but access to a scanner is next to impossible. Make like @almalo and @ahollond and use your smartphone to shoot your instants like these:

Credits: almalo & ahollond

Awesome right? Bet you'll get a lot of instant 'likes' when you post them!

Instant Wallpaper

Spruce up a wall by using your stacks of instant photos as "wallpaper". Sure, it may seem a lot, but this tip will teach you a cool tip to make prints out of your existing instants! See how it's done.

This is just the beginning of our instant experiments. Stay tuned for more tips in the coming days!

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