Ben Toms' Contemporary Surrealist Photography


When one looks at the recent images of British photographer Ben Toms, you will find praying mantises and bonsai trees. Just his mere fascination for the weird, uncanny, and surreal. However, these scenes are all found in real life.

From Untitled. Photography Ben Toms

The photographs are shot across the world -- from Sri Lanka, Kyoto, New Orleans -- all sharing the uncanny and offbeat mood: a duck-shaped building, a curling snake around a sink, a group of tourists on safari with their heads and faces colorfully covered, a latex-wearing model posing in a suburban street, a masked muscle man. Almost everything found in Toms' "Untitled" play along with the idea of camouflage and protection.

Each photograph is accompanied by snippets of stories and backgrounds for narrative and intriguing factual context.

From Untitled. Photography Ben Toms

Images are from Dazed Digital.

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