Monday Moodboard: The Weekday Warriors

Rejoice, us common folk! The weekday grind is now upon us to conquer! The routine is tedious, repetitive, boring, but we're all taking responsibilities in the real world. It's time to wear the hard hat and make the most out of the grind so we can continue building our weekend la la land with art and analogue.

This Monday Moodboard is dedicated to all the busy bees entrapped by the 8-to-5 job system.

Credits: fayeusokoi, evilpete, minchi, lizzy_stardust, hodachrome, wil6ka, hatch_hatsupoko, wherearemysunglasses, legacy, singleelderly, azzurra-piccardi, gv & gui_llaume

2017-07-31 #culture #inspiration #weekday #monday-moodboard

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