Lomographers Throughout the Years: Koduckgirl


There's no other image-making medium like film. After a decade-long break, lomographer Pearl T. Rapalje aka @koduckgirl returns to the analogue territory with a renewed passion. Here, she looks back on her journey in the Lomography community.

Pearl T. Rapalje aka @koduckgirl

Name: Pearl T. Rapalje
LomoHome: @koduckgirl
Year when you joined Lomography: I joined twice actually. First was on early 2000s like 2002 on a whim, then more seriously in 2012.
What keeps you busy now: Caring for my dad, renovating my home, and traveling while finding ANY excuse to shoot film.

Let's do a backtrack: How did you discover Lomography?

The first time not sure, maybe looking online. I wanted to share my Nikon FE photos I took in college. I found the Lomography website (approximately on 2002) got intrigued, made a LomoHome and played with a few of the kooky cams like Pop 9 but it didn't grab me as much at first. Then I got into the digital wave for the next few years. Pretty soon though I got bored of dealing with color calibration and the sterile look of digital cameras and missed the versatility and fun of real film cameras. One day in 2012, walking around downtown SF, I strolled into a Lomography Gallery Store and was very excited again! I immediately bought a few Lomography cams and haven't stopped breathing film since.

What was your first Lomography camera?

The first time, in 2002, not sure but probably the SuperSampler, the LC-A+ Russia Day & also Holga CFN. In 2012 the first cams I bought were the LC-Wide as well as the Lubitel 166+ and the La Sardina Guvnor all in the same month! I have been hitting the ground running with camera and collecting them ever since!

What's your fondest Lomography moment?

After discovering through sheer trial and error that the LC-Wide had a hidden gem of endless frame double exposure, I was delighted when one of my shots using this trick was recognized and became popular! This made me realize that on the Community, it was possible to see and be seen and give social impact! Ever since the website has been a great experience for me so...Lomo on!!!

Could you share some of your earliest Lomography shots?

My 'Cuda shot with Super Sampler in 2002
Carmel Beach Double with Holga 120 CFN
Downtown SF with LC-Wide endless frame double---my most popular image shot within a month of joining in 2012

Who were your Lomography friends back then?

No one in 2002 but in 2012, I was much more adept with the social web and made a lot of Lomo friends through film swaps and camera exchanges, reciprocating likes and visits and even actually getting together in person with @clickiemcpete, @kangiha, @goonies, @clownshoes, @rik041, @ediblestrange, @waggrad00, @bebopbebop, @chourique, etc. They are all great lomo pals and still my favorites.

What advice would you give newcomers (to the Lomography community)?

Along with sharing your photos, reciprocate by looking at other's photos and show appreciation and a kindred spirit. Also don't be hesitant to share a photo from an experiment or not-so-good result. As in wabi-sabi philosophy, there is often something beautiful or interesting to be found in the imperfect or discarded.

What does Lomography mean to you?

To put it simply: Freedom

Some of our favorite photographs by @koduckgirl:

Credits: koduckgirl

Visit her LomoHome to see more.

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