Joseph Szabo: Youth Culture According to a Teacher

Before photographer Joseph Szabo chose to become a professional photographer himself, he was first a high school teacher in Malverne High School in Long Island. He taught photography there from 1972 to 1999. And during his initial days on the job, he wanted to get in touch with his pupils by catching their attention. He brought a camera inside the class.

Now presenting to the world is American photography's best-kept secret -- Joseph Szabo's early photographs of the young and the restless in the 1970's.

Images by Joseph Szabo

The move was inspired by photography workshops he had attended to, where photographing students was his means to break down the barrier between instructor and pupil. Beginning from the classroom to the hallways, school entrances, then finally, the after school sessions. The photographs remain nostalgic and timeless as he nailed down of what supposedly be the "best days of our lives", the high school life. His photograph of "Priscilla" became the album cover of the 1991 album Green Mind by the alternative rock band Dinosaur.

Szabo continues to teach photography at the International Centre of Photography.

Images by Joseph Szabo

Images are sourced from Somewhere Magazine.

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