Lomographic Color Studies: Orange

What happens when you take red's energy and yellow's happiness? You have the unmatched enthusiasm of orange.

Orange was named from everyone's favorite fruit, the fruit where everyone's favorite tangerine drink, the OJ, comes from. The love for orange seems to stem from the fruit more than the color itself really. While it's an underrated color, orange is without a doubt one of the most important colors in the world. A color of meanings.

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Painters have associated the color of exoticism, unconventionality, and creativity; Van Gogh pairs it with yellow among his favorites. And no one else has proven those meanings as much as William III. And European History has a lot to say about the color. with William III of Orange being a Protestant, he defended his religion against the majority of Catholicism. As a result, Protestants of Ireland were known as Orangemen.

It's the reason why many famous political movements use the color orange as well -- a sign of activity progress, and energy. If the Orange Revolution does not say anything about that, we don't know what else.

Maybe that's why a lot of creatives like to dye their hair in orange. To stand out, you get your orange range.

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Everything goes onwards, but don't get fooled by its optimism; it' a pretty smart and clever color, known for being the best color against the night, orange will prepare you for the dangers... like the citrusy omens found in The Godfather.

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Nothing but all the best things in life, come in orange. You got Halloween being the most fun holiday (rivaling Christmas), autumn the best-est season (tied with springtime), clownfishes (although we're not sure if they're really funny), tabby cats like Garfield, or a larger-yet-huggable kitty like Tigger. And let's not forget that we all love our grub in orange -- from the fruit itself, autumn leaves, pumpkins, carrots, melons, spicy buffalo wings, down to your favorite cheese-flavored snacks.

So go ahead, take a bite off of that Cheetos and bottoms-up with your OJ. Life just seems great, doesn't it?

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